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Angelica Carey provides copy, content, media management and more on a consultancy basis for corporations and media organizations.  


Writing for both business and consumer audiences, Carey translates complicated deals into marketable concepts, and works across financial, editorial and technical teams to tell your story effectively.


Angelica Carey

Angelica Carey has spent her career producing smart, strategic business communications.  Her specialties include writing for both the editorial and publishing arms of media companies, translating complicated technical concepts, and managing public relations for the media, entertainment and technology industries.


As a sought-after consultant, Carey has produced thousands of media placements on topics ranging from local product launches to the international testing of anti-satellite weapons.  She has prepared editors for live interviews with heavyweights including the CEOs of CBS, Morgan Stanley, Nike and Xerox; edited manuscripts for five fiction and nonfiction books; and managed press operations for ten years at the Media Summit New York.  Her clients also include nonprofits supporting homeless families, the unemployed and the 100,000+ New Yorkers lost to AIDS. 


Prior to her consulting career, Carey held senior marketing and communications positions at Official Payments Corporation, Yahoo! GeoCities, Fast Company and U.S. News & World Report. 

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